What is Nutrition and Herbal Consulting? We will consult with anyone who has a medically diagnosed disease to determine the best path forward only after they have seen their medical doctor and have been encouraged to make dietary and lifestyle changes.

We DO NOT offer medical advice or treatment of any kind; however, we do offer nutrition, exercise, and various lifestyle changes that help the human body to become stronger and function better. The healthier your body is, the better your medicine will work from your doctor which is why we encourage our clients to combine lifestyle changes with their doctors medical treatment.

“Learning how include medicinal herbs into your lifestyle will increase the effectiveness of all other wellness and medical intervention”

  • Bio-individual sustainable nutrition & lifestyle habits
  • Learn how to use medicinal plants and herbs to support your organ systems
  • All lifestyle changes focus on prevention, longevity, and healthspan
  • Understand our health is directly connected to mind, body, and spirit
  • What’s right for you…Functional, Lifestyle, Alternative, Integrative medicine?
  • Layer nutrition and lifestyle habits to compliment doctors recommendations
  • Incorporate mindfulness, physical activity, breathing, sleep hygiene, and more
  • Understand epi-genetics and what is in your power!